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Put Pent-Up Kid Energy

to Good Use with

Virtual Martial Arts Classes

When you can’t get your kids to a martial arts class, we bring the class to them.


Kids have energy to burn even when they get plenty of exercise. When they’re stuck at home or you can’t get them to a class, virtual martial arts classes for kids can provide the solution you need to keep them healthy and happy.

Are you dealing with


It can be difficult to fill up your kids’ days when they’re at home.

Kids need exercise and a healthy way to burn off their excess energy.

Kids’ mental health can be impacted by stressful situations.


Keeping your kids healthy and happy is a priority every day.

Try something new that your children will love!

When you’re at home and can’t get out – for whatever reason – it can be especially difficult to find ways to keep them active, occupied, and out of trouble.


Exercise can help kids in a variety of ways, and when they’re not at school, they still need structure and guidance.


The activities you choose for them should help them both physically and emotionally. The right exercise class can offer all the benefits you want – and give you a break at the same time.

Results and Growth with Every Class!

Virtual martial arts training provides an intense, guided workout that your kids can do from the comfort of your home. They won’t need any special equipment beyond what they’d bring to an in-person class, and you can be sure that they’re reaping the benefits of exercise with the instruction they need – even if you can’t get them to a class.

Physical Activity Improves

Kids’ Health

Exercise is an essential element of good health. Kids need physical activity every day – even when they’re not in school or need to stay inside the house.

Virtual martial arts training provides the kind of intense activity that kids need to feel good about themselves. They can stay fit and toned without needing to go to a gym.

Making fitness a priority improves overall health, reducing your child’s chance of suffering from common health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

Structure Helps to Promote Normalcy

Kids don’t have the ability to structure their own lives. They need adults to do it for them – and even the most involved parent needs a break sometimes.

When your kids are at home, it makes sense to find activities they can do while you’re doing other things. Knowing they have a scheduled activity helps kids make sense of their days.

Virtual martial arts training is a scheduled activity that provides kids with the structure and instruction they need. It can be a great supplement to home schooling – or any situation where you can’t get out of the house.


Physical Activity Promotes Good Mental Health

In stressful times, it’s important to find ways to manage anxiety – and that’s true for kids as well as for adults.

There’s plenty of evidence that regular exercise is an essential component of good mental health. Kids who exercise are less likely to experience intense stress – and they’ll be better equipped to stay on an even keel emotionally.

Virtual martial arts classes focus on the mind-body connection, something that can help kids feel grounded mentally and emotionally.

Teach Your Kids the Importance of Discipline

All kids need goals. Without them, they may struggle in school and at home. Behavioral problems caused by a lack of discipline can make kids feel frustrated.

Any type of structured exercise requires discipline. Attending a class – even a virtual one – involves making a time commitment and sticking to it.

Virtual martial arts for kids offers many of the same disciplinary benefits as in-person classes. Kids learn, get tested, and improve with guidance from our experienced instructors.

  • Can kids learn all the same things in a virtual class they do in an in-person class?
    Virtual martial arts classes offer most of the same training that kids get in person, but there are some elements that change out of necessity. For example, students can’t spar with one another in a virtual class.T
  • Do my kids need any special equipment to take virtual martial arts classes?
    They’ll need comfortable, loose clothing. If they already have a uniform from a regular class, they can wear that, but shorts and a tee-shirt will work just as well. It may be helpful to put a mat down to offer a bit of protection.
  • Are virtual martial arts classes safe?
    Yes, although it’s a good idea to have somebody supervising your kids while they take the class. Our instructors are experienced and skilled, and our virtual curriculum is designed to be easy to follow and to emphasize safety.
  • Will a virtual martial arts class give my child a good workout?
    Yes, they’ll work hard during class. We’ll also encourage kids to practice between classes to improve their skills. Even on days when they don’t have a class, they can hit the mat.
  • Can my child still earn new stripes and belts in a virtual martial arts class?
    Yes, we still allow for testing. It’s important for kids to feel that they’re making progress and they can do that at home with help from our instructors.

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