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You don’t have to be at the dojo or dojang to practice breaking boards! This train-at-home youth kit includes a 0.8 cm thick rebreakable board. Hold it for your child to punch, kick or elbow through, then simply snap it back together to let them practice again and again. This bundle also includes handheld targets so you can train with your child. Training with your child outside the dojo can help them improve their skills, and is also a great way to spend family together time.


KicKing Rectangle Target
KicKing targets give young and beginner students a visual aid. Four labeled areas indicate the positions where different kicks should land. The type of kick is written on the back of the target, so that the holder can adjust accordingly. Made with foam padding and a durable polyurethane cover, with two loops for holding.

Brave Punch Mitt Pair
Made with our unique Advanced Foam Core (AFC) to provide superior comfort and increased impact absorption. The curved shape makes it ideal for catching punches and elbow strikes. Mitts include a build-in grip ball and individual finger channels, which make it easy for the wearer to maintain a secure grip. Mesh stripes along the back of the mitt help provide ventilation for the wearer’s hands to keep them cool and comfortable, and help the mitt dry out more thoroughly when not in use.

Brave Youth Neoprene Bag Gloves
Century’s Youth Neoprene Boxing Gloves are made with the same high-quality materials and construction as our adult gloves – because less size shouldn’t mean less quality! The Advanced Foam Core (AFC), along with mesh palms provide a durable yet comfortable fit.

Rebreakable Board
This durable board is constructed to withstand consistent breaking with a tongue and groove design that slides the two pieces of the board easily back together. Both sides have foam covered striking areas. Blue board is the Intermediate level at 0.8 cm thick.



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